Identity Politics for A Memoir on A Broken Culture

There are few times that peoples can so cleanly be compared. Every culture is unique and each has its own nuances. However, in the case of the working-class poor white and the working-class poor black communities in America, those similarities are close enough to consider them apples of a different cultivar. Advertisements

Mid-Semester Slump and Trying to Jump Over It

It’s that time of year again. I can’t get up at 6am anymore. I have to drag myself to the gym. I’m eating late, and drinking less water. And my grades are showing this slump. Most definitely, the new job I got (and quit) in the span of 5 weeks had something to do with it, but…

3 Reasons Why Everyone Lost the War of the Sexes

This has been on my mind lately, now that I’m working on my ‘Men are Trash’ phase that followed my ‘I Am Trash’ (for being a woman) phase, I understand why our parents and grandparents say they miss from ‘The Good Ol’ Days’ when ‘men were men and women were women’ in reference to the…

Pentatonic and Blues Scales for all the Keys

In jazz, the scales we use are not conventionally built. We commonly use blues, whole tone, and pentatonic scales to write music. Here is a cheat sheet of all those for reference.

Calculus Cheat Sheet

Leave the English language at the door and study with me. Here is a summary of the last 5 weeks worth of calculus I learned.

Pretty Words, Ugly People: Human Rights throughout Western History

You know, humanities classes are very different from science classes. There’s no extended periods of time when the professor just talks and talks, there’s little structure to my notes, and whatever comes out of the class is usually based entirely from what we as students discuss. This is roughly what I got from my seminar.

Notes on being a student at a Women’s College

It’s an odd thing to go to a women’s college in this da in age. Since most colleges have been made co-educational since the 1970’s, women’s colleges seem almost anachronic in this day and age. The absence of men on campus as most definitely affected the social life, the way of learning, and the general…

How Studying is Different for Different Classes

I think the different methods of studying was what I found the most difficult to adjust to  when I first started college. In high school, in addition to being supervised for longer periods of time and having less dense material, memorizing and reciting the material (chew and pour) was enough to get an A. Here’s…

The Everything Sheet: Scale Degrees of C

Who knew music could be so calculating? In the coming weeks, I’m going to have to memorize the 16 notes’ scale degrees, relationships, and qualities backward and forward. Let’s get ready.

NEUR100: Common Neurotransmitters and Their Uses

After you get over the physics of the nervous system, you land in its chemistry: neurotransmitters. In my class, the neurotransmitters in block quotes were the backbone of our study. You’ll see why soon!

Hominin Evolution

This may be a touchy subject, but I’m in the process of reviewing this material for a midterm later on this month. I need to ace this class. Let’s get on with it!