Memory from a Psychological View

One of the more annoying things about learning basic cognitive processes in psychology and neuroscience classes is just how easy the concepts seem. Of course you acquire information. How else would you know things? But when you get into the nitty-gritty of it, do you really know anything?

Intro to Neuropsychological Research: Single and Double Dissociations

I hate it when my titles feel longer than the blog post itself. It’s much simpler than it sounds: these are experiments that combines several experiments that act as ‘Block and Determine’ situations that establish a connection between two parts of the brain and its function. I’ll make it even easier for you! I’ll list…

Resting Potential and Starting an Action Potential

Somehow, by the grace of God, I’m still a neuroscience major. But even now, I’m still racked with some pretty basic questions about the nervous system. How does your body alert your brain of the outside world? How do electrical impulses in the brain cause movement, thought, and emotion? Honestly, scientists still don’t really know….

Where to Get Healthy Trash

Since starting college, I’ve realized that you have very little time for anything else but learning. While that’s not a bad thing, that makes absorbing new material that has nothing to do with your major requirements, minor requirements, graduation requirements, or isn’t a requirement in general pain in the brain. And we already have enough…

Greetings from a ‘S—hole’ Country

Hey, it’s Nicole here on vacation from the USA back in my motherland, Ghana. The sun is high, harmattan is dry, and the tilapia and yam chips are fried. It’s good to be home. It’s good to see the progress Ghana has already made, from no dumso where I reside to consistent clean pipe water….

Identity Politics for A Memoir on A Broken Culture

There are few times that peoples can so cleanly be compared. Every culture is unique and each has its own nuances. However, in the case of the working-class poor white and the working-class poor black communities in America, those similarities are close enough to consider them apples of a different cultivar.

Mid-Semester Slump and Trying to Jump Over It

It’s that time of year again. I can’t get up at 6am anymore. I have to drag myself to the gym. I’m eating late, and drinking less water. And my grades are showing this slump. Most definitely, the new job I got (and quit) in the span of 5 weeks had something to do with it, but…

3 Reasons Why Everyone Lost the War of the Sexes

This has been on my mind lately, now that I’m working on my ‘Men are Trash’ phase that followed my ‘I Am Trash’ (for being a woman) phase, I understand why our parents and grandparents say they miss from ‘The Good Ol’ Days’ when ‘men were men and women were women’ in reference to the…

Pentatonic and Blues Scales for all the Keys

In jazz, the scales we use are not conventionally built. We commonly use blues, whole tone, and pentatonic scales to write music. Here is a cheat sheet of all those for reference.

Calculus Cheat Sheet

Leave the English language at the door and study with me. Here is a summary of the last 5 weeks worth of calculus I learned.