Sharp’d and Flat’d: List of the Major and Minor Scales

One thing I didn’t expect when I took MUS100 was how out of my depth it would be since I didn’t have a lot of formal music training. Soooo it was a lot of memorizing while wondering if the whole of my saxophone ability was a lie.

The Circle of Fifths


One of the first things I had to memorize with the help of the wonderful were musical scales.

A scale is a collection of related notes that form the basis of a piece of music. There so many more types: major, minor, church modes, jazz, pentatonic and so much more! In my class we focus more on the first three.

This is one of the many times that memorization is key. Although the major scales can be broken down into C. F. BEAD, GC, and be imagined to be the name of a dope musician of some sort, memory takes priority. I wish I knew this earlier…



Add a beat and write it in the sides of your notebooks.

As for minor scales, they are separated from their relative major scale by three half steps back. So from C-A is 3 half-step backwards.


a-d-g-c-f-b-e -a

You can see that it’s also: a”b”c”d where the ‘“‘ is -e-f-g- which could help your brain chunk the material for later use.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back next week for more on my MUSxxx adventures!


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