Responsible (Drinking) College Life


College parties! drunk frat bros grinding on drunken sorority girls and jello shots and slurred words and mismatched meanings.

But I’m not like that, nor could I get into that lifestyle. True, since starting college, I’ve gone to more parties than I have the whole of my time in high school, but the girl that would stand to the side when other students would be grinding and getting drunk hasn’t really disappeared at all.

Sure, I drink, but I try and drink responsibly. The only time I drank until I got drunk, my friend immediately took me home because we had discussed earlier that being drunk in an unsafe place is stupid. Some of you may think that you can handle being drunk in a house full of horny men and women, dancing the night away, but then again I wouldn’t have chosen Wellesley had I been than a party girl.

Because I have to travel to the parties I go to, and because I need to walk to bus stops in the middle of the night, I need to know where and how I’m getting there at all times. In addition to needing to know how I’m getting home, I need to be on my A game the next day whether it’s Saturday morning when I go for community service, or Sunday when I may go to church and finish up remaining homework from the weekend.

If you want to party hard, but not too hard like me here are a couple of tips:

Leave around midnight. The parties I’ve gone to typically reach their height around 11pm. By 1am, everyone is sloppy, not silly (Like the old Wellesley adage goes). It is a mess that you won’t enjoy unless you are completely plastered like the people who stay in after 1am. Do yourself a favor and go home.

Keep count of everything you drink. Weigh shots and cocktails higher than straight beer and wine. Hennesey is stronger than Vodka. Watch yourself at black parties. Alcohol doesn’t flow as much, but when it does, it’s potent and stings.

Have objective stances on sexy times before you start drinking. Does sober me want to go home with a guy? No, sober me doesn’t even want to grind. Figure this out with yourself and tell your friends so that they know when to step in if you’ve drunk too much.

DONT PARTY EVERY WEEKEND. I cannot stress this point enough. Your body typically takes up to 2 days to break down all the alcohol you drank, so you could be feeling the hits of being at a party until Tuesday! If you do this every week, you will never have the cycle of catching up on work, or enjoying other aspects of college life like brunch, going out to concerts, or just having a Netflix and chill night by yourself.Keep count of everything you drink. Weigh shots and cocktails higher than straight beer and wine.




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