7th Chords in all its Form Cheat Sheet

Okay so music…not my strongest suit. I need to do this to teach myself the importance of 7th chords and other chords, even though I’ve only ever played melodic instruments. In the last week of my MUS100, we had to do a harmonization project, in which we wrote our own piece of music. Although my piece had a strong melody, chords were what made the piece magical. Let’s get into it!

All 7th chords are based on 4 notes: the root, the 3rd, the 5th, and the 7th above the root.

Dominant Seventh Piano Chords 

Dominant Seventh chords are built on the 5th of major/minor keys.

Root Notes in Dominant 7th
C E G B♭
C♯ C♯ E♯ G♯ B
D D F♯ A C
E♭ E♭ G B♭ D♭
E E G♯ B D
F F A C E♭
F♯ F♯ A♯ C♯ E
A♭ A♭C E♭ G♭
A A C♯ E G
B♭ B♭ D F A♭
B D♯ F♯ A

Minor Seventh Piano Chords

A minor seventh chord is really a minor chord with an added flat 7th note. It consists of four notes, the root, ♭3rd, 5th and ♭7th of the scale. Its symbols are -7 or min7. So D minor seventh would be written as D-7 or Dmin7.

Here are all twelve minor seventh chords and the notes which form them.

Root Notes Notes in a minor 7th Chords
C C E♭ G B♭
C♯ C♯ E G♯ B
E♭ E♭ G♭ B♭ D♭
F F A♭ C E♭
F♯ F♯ A C♯ E
G G B♭ D F
A♭  A♭ C♭(B) E♭ G♭
 A  A C E G
 B♭  B♭ D♭ F A♭
 B  B D F♯ A

Learn Chords – Minor Seventh and Dominant Seventh Chord Charts

Chords Sorted By Key

Major Seventh Piano Chords

It is really a major chord with an added 7th note. The scale degrees used to form a major seventh chord is the root, 3rd, 5th and maj. 7th of the scale. The symbols used for this type of chord are M7 or maj 7. For instance, G major seventh could be written GM7 of Gma7.

Here are all 12 major seventh chords and their notes.

Root Notes Notes in a Major 7th Chords
C♯ C♯ E♯ G♯ B♯
D F♯ A C♯
E♭ E♭ G B♭ D
E E G♯ B D♯
F♯ F♯ A♯ C♯ E♯
G G B D F♯
A♭  A♭ C E♭ G
 A  A C♯ E G♯
 B♭  B♭ D F A
 B  B D♯ F♯ A♯

Chord chart – Learn how to play major 7 chords.

The piano chords presented above are some of the more common ones. We shall take things a little further and look at major sixth, minor sixth, seventh ♯5th, seventh ♭5th, major 7th ♭3rd, minor 7th ♭5th and seventh suspended 4th piano chords.

My newly released course will help you with your chords. Go here: Piano Chords: How To Form Basic Chords On Piano And Keyboard 

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, this blog post helps you!


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