Music Courses

Music is hard. Seriously.

I’m planning to minor in it and it’s killing my butt. When I came to Wellesley, I signed up for music lessons with the amazing Cercie Miller who’s beaten me into shape pretty well in the past semester, and that was a difficult job mind you.

I’ve learned music by call and response, memorizing the notes and going by my own rhythm in a misshaped form or ‘improv’. I had a little bit of formal instruction while in Ghana, but God bless his soul, my teacher died and I didn’t touch my saxophone for years after. Cercie’s the main reason why I’m considering taking it as a minor.

But I suck at it. As someone who has little to no training with formal music, I’ve just been bombarded with new terms like chords, atonal, and time signatures. I’m probably going to get a C in this class (if I break even) but that doesn’t mean that you have to! Here’s a collection of all the notes I’ve made this past semester:

Sharp’d and Flat’d: List of the Major and Minor Scales

7th Chords in all its Form Cheat Sheet

Have a Rest: The Symbols of Quiet

The Triad Trusty: Major, Minor, Augemented and Diminished

Here are some helpful websites for ear practice: