My Projects

Now that I’m adulting, I have several other responsibilities other than just my academics and my blog. Here are the more interesting ones (that are online):

VisualxMed: A start-up a medical infographic company I worked for. 

The Webcomic PoliceLibberyCabbage’s commentary on my favorite thing in the world. I make an appearance every once and a while. 

Gossamer Rainbow: My private blog of interviews with webcomic creators, YouTubers, and artists alike. 

Flying the Coup: What will be the start of my own webcomic…when I get the time….eventually…


Flying the Coup Logo
What do you do when your government is on the brink of collaspe?


If you’re feeling especially generous, donate to some of the volunteer opportunities I’ve taken on since coming to the US:

Let’s Get Ready!: a SAT tutoring firm that helps out struggling teens get ready for college (and stay there)

Haley’s House: a small Boston soup kitchen and bakery that’s supported the community for over 50 years

Boston Children’s Hospital: my place of work for their Volunteer 2017/2018 cycle! 

Index on Censorship: My summer 2018 internship about international freedom of speech.

Or go to a church and get well for yourself!