Pretty Words, Ugly People: Human Rights throughout Western History

You know, humanities classes are very different from science classes. There’s no extended periods of time when the professor just talks and talks, there’s little structure to my notes, and whatever comes out of the class is usually based entirely from what we as students discuss. This is roughly what I got from my seminar.

Notes on being a student at a Women’s College

It’s an odd thing to go to a women’s college in the 21st century. Since most colleges have been made co-educational since the 1970’s, women’s colleges seem almost anachronic in this day and age. The absence of men on campus as most definitely affected the social life, the way of learning, and the general vibe…

How Studying is Different for Different Classes

I think the different methods of studying was what I found the most difficult to adjust to  when I first started college. In high school, in addition to being supervised for longer periods of time and having less dense material, memorizing and reciting the material (chew and pour) was enough to get an A. Here’s…

The Everything Sheet: Scale Degrees of C

Who knew music could be so calculating? In the coming weeks, I’m going to have to memorize the 16 notes’ scale degrees, relationships, and qualities backward and forward. Let’s get ready.

NEUR100: Common Neurotransmitters and Their Uses

After you get over the physics of the nervous system, you land in its chemistry: neurotransmitters. In my class, the neurotransmitters in block quotes were the backbone of our study. You’ll see why soon!

Hominin Evolution

This may be a touchy subject, but I’m in the process of reviewing this material for a midterm later on this month. I need to ace this class. Let’s get on with it!

3 Reasons to Choose the More Difficult Major

I’m a practical person: I didn’t just choose my major and minor because I love them. I also choose them based on utility in the job field, for medical school, and a host of other reasons I’ll outline here.

Developing a College Aesthetic, the Basic Girl Way

Don’t get me wrong, they’re cute. Having a personal style is intergral to having an identity: whether we’d like to admit it or not, the way we present ourselves to the world is the way we will be treated. Do you want to be treated like a bussinesswoman? A feminist? Non-binary?

Frederick Doouglas’ Narrative: An Outline

The first impression I’ve had from this book are confusion, disgust, and fear of the worth of a human soul. Basically, I’m shook at the nature of cattle slavery in America and its dehumanizing effects on both the slave and the slaveholder. ”